Sunday School (KAOS)

We regret to advise that the Sunday School at St. Margaret’s – known as KAOS (Kids’ Activities On Sunday) – was held for the final time on 11 December 2016. The leaders were no longer able to continue after many years of dedicated leadership, and the numbers of children attending was small and inconsistent.

KAOS had catered for children from about 2 years old (who usually came with one of their parents) to age 12 (the end of Primary School). The children were very much integrated into the early part of the Sunday Service, often assisting with readings, prayers, bringing forward the elements etc. and the Worship Leader always has a time with the children before they depart for their activities. That will continue, except that they will now undertake informal activities at the rear of the church during the remainder of the worship services.

The Seasons of the Spirit material, which follows the lectionary, was used and so there was often reinforcement of the stories which have already been presented in the morning service. Truths from the Bible stories were drawn out as appropriate to the age group in different ways through drama, games, songs and craft activities. A strong emphasis was on making sure the stories are presented and known. The group enjoyed singing and songs are often a meaningful way of internalising the truths of our faith.

Another important experience has been in cultivating an awareness of needy children in developing areas of the world. The group has been most responsive to fund raising for the education and lives of children in Africa and East Timor especially. They have been involved in Trivia Nights, making bookmarks, African Soup Days and Cappuccino and Cake Days with great enthusiasm and success.

A highlight was the Children’s Christmas Service held each year in December when the Christmas Story was presented in many fresh and interesting ways but always with the baby Jesus at the centre of things. In recent years plays included the baby born in a storeroom at Royal North Shore Hospital and a take-off of reality TV shows with Bethlehem Idol!

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