Stepping Stones For Life Story Circle

The Stepping Stones For Life Story Circle describes itself as “just a small group of folk in the evening of life (early evening!) who get together and chat about this and that.”

At first the group members tended to recall things from the past, and then they began to widen their scope and suggest interesting topics or thoughts also on the basis of their own experiences but gradually widening their horizons. There were no expectations of producing great gems of literary genius or exquisite poetry for the ages. There were and are no expectations of delivering performances of inspiring elocution or of performances at all.

They did, without any formal guidelines or overt decision making, get into the habit of trying to produce something of interest for each other. There was no pressure to present something at every meeting. Just listening was quite acceptable. They discovered, amongst themselves, abilities of self-expression which they may not have known about before and gained in the confidence which comes from meeting with friends.

The circle fits into the overall scope and objectives of Stepping Stones for Life in that it provides support, via social interaction, for people who are ageing but there is no lower age limit or definition of ageing. Anyone can attend.

Over the years, the Story Circle has produced seven small volumes of writings including stories (mostly true), poems and short essays on all kinds of topics. The titles of these little books “Threads of Gold” “Tapestry of Tales” and “Storygallery 8/9/10/12/13” illustrate the beginnings of their endeavours with storytellers initially weaving their stories, creating a tapestry and increasingly filling a gallery with small wonders and delights.

The Circle has touched on topics and themes including early memories, special moments, travel and other places, favourite things (books, paintings, music & others), unforgettable characters, absurdities, children, flowers, throwing things out, hobbies & pastimes – the list could go on.

The Circle has included, in some of its booklets, a feature such as proverbs – “it takes a village to raise a child” or well-known verses or snippets from well-known poets “and he sees the vision splendid of the sunlit plains extended …” or quotes from famous speeches “with malice toward none, with charity for all..” The booklets demonstrate a mixed and rich variety of contributions from the mixed and rich variety of folk in the group over the years.


From 2016, the Story Circle is now just meeting for a chat over coffee at “The KNOX” at Watson shops on a very informal and casual basis. All are welcome to participate, sharing stories and listening. For information please contact the church office on 02 6248 0282 in the first instance.