St Margaret’s News

St Margaret’s has for a long time also produced a magazine known as St Margaret’s News. It has sometimes been in an A4 and other times an A5 size – indeed it may well initially have been foolscap sized. It has been typed onto stencils for roneoing, typed onto paper for photocopying, and keyed on a computer keyboard for printing and emailing. In recent years it has also been available for viewing on St Margaret’s Website.

Since February 2015 it has been produced monthly with each issue being available for reading on and printing from a Website (as well as some copies being printed for congregation members who do not access the Website):


2019-12 Cover: December (latest issue)

Cover - 2019-11: November

Cover St Margaret's News October 2019 : October

Cover - 2019-08 : August

Cover - 2019-07: July

St M's News Cover 06.19: June

St M's News Cover 05.19: May

Cover - 2019-04: April

St M's News Cover 03.19: March

Cover - 2019-02: February


St M's News Cover 12.18: December

St M's News Cover 11.18: November

Cover - 2018-10: October

Cover - 2018-09: September

Cover - 2018-08: August

2018.07 cover: July

Cover - 2018-06 June:

May 2018May:

St.Marg's News 2018.04 colourApril:

St.Marg's News 2018.03 colour March:

Cover - 2018-02February:



St M's News Cover 11.17November:

St M's News Cover 10.17October:

St M's News Cover 09.17 September:

Cover - 2017-08August:

2017.07 cover July:

June 2017 CoverJune:

May 2017 CoverMay:

April 2017 CoverApril:

26214772 March:

cover-2017-02 February:



2016-11-cover November:

 october-2016-cover October:


Cover August 2016 August:

Untitled-1  July:
19847116 June:

Cover - 2016-05 May:

                     April: No issue

Cover - 2016-03March:

Cover - 2016-02February:


Cover - 2015-12December:

Cover - 2015-11November:

Cover - 2015-10October:

Cover - 2015-09September:

Cover - 2015-08August:

Cover - 2015-07July:

Cover - 2015-06June:

Cover - 2015-05May:

Cover - 2015-04April:

Cover - 2015-03March:

Cover - 2015-02February: