Carbon Action Project

The Carbon Action Project (A north Canberra community pilot) is a joint project of St Margaret’s Uniting Church and Holy Cross Anglican Church, Hackett. It was launched following a joint worship service on 1 March 2020. A booklet explaining the project in detail is available here: 2020-02-28 163530To help reduce energy use and save money around the home, we have produced an information packet entitled CAP Energy Smart Actions that is now available here.  (A paper copy is available on request.)  It includes a list of tips for saving energy, the link for using the on-line Australian Greenhouse Calculator for those wanting a closer look at your carbon footprint, and a data sheet to record your results.

Here are some resources from some May 2021 workshops – first three are PDFs, the fourth is a PowerPoint presentation:

Energy Smart Actions- Transport

Energy Smart Actions – Home Energy

Energy Smart Actions – FOOD

Eliminating Organic Waste from Landfill

Here are some photographs taken at the 1 March 2020 worship service and project launch:

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Sustaining our Future Festival

On the weekend of 19-20 September 2020, a community sustainability festival was conducted to combine reflections on lockdown with demonstrations and talks on reducing our energy use and waste, and an opportunity to hear young people question candidates for the ACT election on their position on a more sustainable Canberra. These indoor and outdoor sustainability activities on the Saturday afternoon were followed by a concert with a guest singer and local rock bands. The Sunday featured a service celebrating our environment while focusing on Christian action to combat climate change. The festival was jointly arranged by St Margaret’s and Holy Cross Churches in Hackett, as part of the Carbon Action Project.

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