About St Margaret’s

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An inclusive, welcoming and caring Christian community which highly values engagement with the wider inner north community of Canberra.  We are committed to social justice for all. We love singing. We love challenging preaching. We love having babies, children and teenagers at our worship services.

Lenten Studies 2018

Contemporary Theologians, Jesus and Easter

This year’s Lenten studies will look at the thought provoking ideas of some contemporary theologians, through video presentations, written handouts & discussion.

22nd Feb. Richard Rohr: “Non-dualism – Christianity and unknowing”.

1st March Michael Dowd: “Reality reconciles science and religion.”

8th March Bruce Sanguin: “Evolutionary spirituality / Jesus as evolutionary provocateur.”

15th March John Shelby Spong: “Why atonement theology will kill Christianity.”

22nd March John Shelby Spong: “Re-casting the Christ story.”

Sessions will be held in the small hall, Thursdays from 1:00 – 3:00 B.Y.O. Lunch

Please contact the church office (Lynda) or Rev Chris Lockley if you are interested in participating.

Read more about St Margaret’s at:


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