About St Margaret’s


Our prayer is that all who follow our Facebook page or read this here on our Website are, and will stay, safe and well. If anyone needs pastoral care at any time, please contact us so that we might offer some assistance.


When we cannot attend worship services in our church building, weekly worship resources are provided here.


If you are not already part of Giving Direct you can directly deposit into the church’s Giving Account or by going to a bank and depositing into that same account. If you cannot do either of those things you can still make your offerings by requesting that someone come to your home and collect them from you. Just contact Lynda Dyer via the church office to arrange it. The phone number and email address are at the top right of this page. For anyone who needs them, the details of the church’s Giving Account are:

Account Name: St Margaret’s UC Giving Account                                                                    BSB: 634634             Account Number: 100025923


The Carbon Action Project (a north Canberra community pilot) is a joint project of St Margaret’s Uniting Church and Holy Cross Anglican Church, Hackett. A booklet explaining the project in detail is available here: https://joom.ag/cXiC


St Margaret’s is an inclusive, welcoming and caring Christian community which highly values engagement with the wider inner north community of Canberra.  We are committed to social justice for all. We love singing. We love challenging preaching. We love having babies, children and teenagers at our worship.

Rev Chris

Read more about St Margaret’s at:


Download our brochure at https://joom.ag/DPte

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